goodnight & go

I just got back from watching District 9, and man, that's one crazy movie.
I think I liked it.
it reminds me of when I was younger, and I used to really like watching war flicks. I started watching them with my dad, and even though they were gory and vulgar and sad, I thought they generally told really great stories. District 9 was like that. I was literally so on edge that my stomach started to hurt. it was so stressful, I mean, so much was happening, and you were always afraid of the next terrible thing. it freaked me out!
but... it was pretty captivating, I must admit. and whoever wrote it was a genius, cause I could never come up with that. and certain aspects I thought were very realistic, which is always admirable in art. and no, not realistic because I believe aliens will someday land in Africa (although I prefer to believe they exist), but the lead character behaved the way I think a lot of people would in the situation... selfishly at times, compassionate at others.
anyways, without spelling out the whole plot, I think it's a very interesting film.
and I miss doing movie reviews.
I'm telling ya, this whole "hard news" thing is so not for me. I need some arts section back in my life.
don't know what you got till it's gone, right Cinderella?
oh my gosh, I totally just looked up that song on youtube and the band is singing next to a lake and being filmed with sweeping overhead shots.
I love the '80s.

that's it for sunday!

ugh. this picture is awful. I really need to stop taking these at night.
quite the colourful outfit, hey?
I'm not sure I like it that much now. oh well. I said every day, so every day it is!
the dress is from smart set. it's actually one of the first dresses that started my wear-dresses-everyday phase.
the coat is vero moda from pseudio.
tights are from costa blanca, and I really love them..unfortunately this is only my second time wearing them and they already have a hole. :o(
and my charlotte russe boots again.

this is my necklace.
another brilliant purchase from buenostyle.
I saw this one in lou lou magazine and wanted it for a long time.
now it is mineee!

these photos are much clearer on my computer... I wonder if it's an uploading thing. must try to fix that.

anywho, night all!

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