all the girls pose the same for pictures..

wednesday already?! time flies when you're... doing nothing but watch awesome tv shows all day long.

Brando and I have been doing a lot of Breaking Bad watching.
man, I love that show! have you seen it? cause you should. it's amazing. Bryan Cranston won the best actor  emmy for it, yessir. the acting is superb.
the show is original, unpredictable, entertaining... I really want to write a review for it right now, but I don't really see the point. other than, of course, to practice for the rolling stone, which should be knocking down my door any day now.

speaking of which, I FINALLY got my first one in the mail today, and guess who's on the cover? Megan Fox. oh geeeez. but, whatever, she's pretty badass I guess. or, after reading her interview, pretty nuts. I mean, "I didn't always have a special vagina"? who says that? the girl is too outrageous and male-suited to be real.
you ever feel that way? when you hear some girls talk about things they do and like... and part of you wants to roll your eyes cause you suspect they're too much of a male fantasy to be totally serious. but I don't know. maybe there are girls who think dressing skimpily is empowering and that men are puppies who follow them around. I just haven't met any, personally.
maybe I'm just jealous. I was thinking about it today, and a lot of girls who call other girls "slutty" or "trampy" or "degrading to women" or whatever just feel uncomfortable about the control those types have over men. I'm guilty of it too, but I try to acknowledge when I'm genuinely offended by someone's behaviour and when I'm just jealous that no one cares that much about what I look like. I mean, everyone likes to be complimented on their looks, right? for the most part... and I think sometimes the more conservative girls resort to calling girls "slutty" who get all the attention for being "sexy." I'm not saying it's appropriate for chicks to go around with their boobs falling out and their skirts closely resembling belts- not cool. if that's "sexy," you can keep it. but if I'm irritated by Megan Fox because people are obsessed with her appearance, that's probably more about me than her.
that being said, when someone with no talent gets by because they're willing to wear skimpy outfits, I think I have a right to criticize, haha.

anyways. that's my insight for the day, inspired by rolling stone magazine.
see, it can be a deep read!

and from a lack of clothes to completely covered, here's me today:

I was feeling very french today, with the hat and the stripes. hence the attempt at a french attitude in the picture.
you can't tell, but the fabulous, soft, royal blue hat has a bow on it. from h&m.
the top is forever21.
pants, delias. they're probably the comfiest pants I own.
black lacey shoes, primark.

I'm no Megan Fox, but hey, I bet SHE doesn't have this hat.
so there.


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