all dressed up and no place to go...

I finally got dressed...

it's cold out, so it was a pants day.
jeans are aeropostale- my first pair from there, and I vow to never buy jeans anywhere else again. they fit so well.
pair of charlotte russe boots #2!
the top is charlotte russe too. I thought it looked very Marissa Cooper. the middle layers are lacey.
long sleeve tee from primark.
scarf from le chateau.
and a cute new bow headband from a place in the mall called splurge. very great store, but unfortunately appropriately named.

but there wasn't much point. there's nothing to do. there are no good movies playing, except an hour-long bus ride away. and everything except restaurants and bars closes early. arg. I wanted to go out.

oh well. we went to the Seahorse Tavern last night, and it was actually really cool. saw a band called the Superfantastics, and I really like them. that's one band in Halifax I know! so the weekend's not a total bust.

I'm gonna go eat more oreos and watch the OC.
cheers! <3

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