I can do the fuge

I really like today's outfit.
I tried to add it to the mixed prints gallery on weardrobe, but I couldn't figure it out...
but, at least one or two of you will see it!

the lovely polka dot dress is from splurge here in town. it was too expensive. but I love it.
zebra cardi is from forever 21.
red tights (that are awfully short to be considered "one size fits all" if you ask me) from charlotte russe.
classic black chucks, my favourites.

my pretty pearl-ish earrings. I got them from the same African lady I got the turtles from!
I don't think they bring wisdom, though. just style. :o)

I'm really craving mexican today!
I gave in and ordered delicious shrimp quesidillas from mexicali rosa's...but the dude called back and was like "uhhh, we can't get hold of our delivery guys. sorry." so no delicious mexican for Sarah. :o(
I'm trying hard not to give in to the "order in" urge and not get chinese.
I love foooooood.

anyways. that's all from me!

labels & love

ahh, what an afternoon. sitting on a comfy couch, eating strawberries and chocolate, and watching the Sex and the City movie.

Sex and the City is the only reason I know anything about fashion and designers and vogue. I even bought the books that show all the outfits and where they're from. not like I'll ever be able to shop alexander mcqueen or zac posen (<3!). but a girl can look.

man, I always tear up when Carrie gives Louise the louis vuitton...

anywho, in honour of a fabulous movie and a fabulous afternoon- even more fabulous style!

I love how the first scene of the movie is all about dresses. and how the four girls look and dress exactly like the SATC girls. stylin' way to kick off the film.

a sampling of the million vintage dresses in the movie.
Carrie's dress is a fave. I love the floral and classiness! 

this is my favourite outfit! and another entirely vintage one.
the dress is prefect.
and the dior extreme shoes are amazinggg. makes me wish I could walk in killer heels.

I love this picture, it's so colourful, and all the dresses are gorgeous.
my favourite is Charlotte's; it's got the pretty empire waist and a soft pattern.
I don't generally like maxi dresses, but these are hot vacation wear for sure.

of course I have to include the wedding wardrobe!
the picture's a little bright so you can't really see Carrie's dress, but it's the others I love anyways.
they're all zac posen, and they're just. perfect. this is why I fell in love with zac posen.

I could watch this movie on mute.
but, for what it's worth, I actually think it's a pretty good story too, haha.

now, on to the rest of the day I suppose!
perhaps I'll have something more interesting to write later.

who did you think I was?

holla, cyberworld!

I'm sitting here watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. ever see it? it's actually usually either interesting, funny, or both. anyways, Mike Rowe was in a commercial we watched in research class today and I seemed to be the only one impressed.
heart Mike Rowe!
I thought it must be fate that the show was on after class.

that's the thing about journalism students... they're all kind of...hard news-minded. no one seems to know/care a whole lot about pop culture or anything like that. it's a little dull, actually. most people talk a lot about politics and the economy and don't eat mcdonald's. what's up with THAT? I really don't think I can make a career trying to figure out all this boring government junk that everyone else finds so interesting. this is one thing I would have liked about Ryerson- to be able to tell them what I'm interested in and focus on that. I appreciate the whole well-rounded aspect of king's...but I don't give a crap about a lot of this stuff.
I also think that's why I've been kinda slow making friends. I mean, I don't have much in common with these people. I'm reading about Jude Law and balenciaga while they're discussing the Italian prime minister. it's a fundamental difference.

...speaking of Jude Law, he's playing Hamlet on Broadway. I'm going to see Jude Law! AHH.
I bet not many people in my class would find that even remotely interesting.

oh oh oh and something else to look forward to for nyc- as if it needed more things!- Rachel Bilson apparently has a clothing line with dkny. aaaand they sell it at macy's. I'm thinking I'll probably love it. and it will probably be too expensive. but maybe I can buy a scarf or something.

this is me yesterday. see, I might be slacking off with the blogging, but not the picture taking.
this outfit isn't one of my favourites. but whatever. casual monday.
and I love the t-shirt- it says "defy gravity," I got it when I went to see Wicked in London. most amazing thing ever.
the lacey cardigan is from forever21. it's my first time wearing it.
my go-to skinny jeans are actually from sirens (I know, weird. I'm not even 13.)
and my black flats again (from now on, if something's been on the blog before, I won't say where it's from. gets repetitive, don't ya think?)

see, isn't it cute? that's Elphaba in the background. :o)

so that's yesterday... now, today's outfit, before I go take a nice bubble bath!

this is my lovely dress that my lovely boyfriend bought for me. <3 it's from zara.
(note: it may look like my boobs are hanging out, but that's just the way the necklace and my hair are, I swear! I don't even have that much boob.)
the tights are actually navy...and from dominion. woot!
I got this periwinkle cardigan at a shop in Paris called cote a cote; I just loved the colour. and who doesn't like the word periwinkle? it's so fun to say.
the bow in my hair also matches pretty well, so I'm proud.

I'm going with a bow theme today;
necklace is from modcloth, and the buckle is stolen from my bff! 

well that's it from me!
I'm off to that bubble bath.

she says she's leaving on a sunday

today's outfit;

another modcloth dress for church...I swear, I really am running out of stuff from there.
the belt was a Christmas gift from two beautiful sisters.
cardigan was also a Christmas gift, but I know it's from forever 21.
the tights are the same as yesterday because, well, it's sunday and I'm lazy.
I guess I was subconsciously in a Christmas-y state of mind, because these boots were a present from my mom! my first cool pair. red's the only way to go.

and tonight's photo features my lovely guitar, Bob.
no, he is not so named just because it is the most generic name ever.
anyways, this is supposed to be me loving him, but it kind of looks like I'm trying to kill myself with him... I should stop saying him now, huh?
I'm going to go play with Bob now.

Jenny, I got your number

it's been a busy weekend.
I even missed posting a picture on friday, but at least I have a good excuse- I actually went out. I know, I know, you're shocked. it was fun, too. I must admit, at first I wasn't too keen on the whole "out for drinks with the girls" thing, but it turned out to be a good time.

last night Brando and myself made the long and treacherous journey across town to see Jennifer's Body. it's only playing in one freaking theatre in Halifax and it's an hour bus ride away. this town is annoying. but, the movie was pretty dece. the story was interesting and not entirely shallow, and I thought the acting was good. even Megan Fox was kinda funny. personally, I think Amanda Seyfreid's performance was impressive. I mean, its not exactly an Oscar-worthy flick, but I think she at least proved she wasn't a one-trick pony.

today's movie wasn't quite as impressive. I saw Fame with one of the girls from class, and I was pretty excited- I'm a huge musical freak. but it stunk. I mean, nothing happened! I don't know if the original was so uneventful, but this one barely understood the concept of character development.  but, Kharington  from So You Think You Can Dance was in it, and I love her.

that was a rather dull recap.
oh! I have something better.
me and Brando booked our flight to NYC! for NEW YEARS. I'm going to be in Times Square for NEW YEARS. in NEW. YORK. CITY.
do the capitals convey my excitement at all?
I've been waiting to go to New York for so long. I can't even tell you. Rockafeller Center, Central Park, the Met, Broadway...
I may have to go shopping.

so that's something to look forward to.
well, that's that, and here's this!

you get a nice glimpse of my messy apartment here.
I've been wearing a lot of yellow lately...this dress is (surprise!) from modcloth.
thrifted/vintage sweater.
new black tights! I needed them so bad. from ardene's, of all places.
my new h&m wooly socks that I looove.
and those boots again. :o)

alright, that's yesterday's outfit (I also got a haircut. yay!)
today's will be around later.
I may also recreate friday's, just cause it was so darn cute.
...I'd like some TGI Friday's right now.

peace outtt.

reap what you sew

I spent most of today trying to fix the dress I was wearing... sewing holes, assessing the fit... and had to resign to the fact that it was just too small. short, actually. I think if my butt was smaller I could pull it off, but alas, I am one of those bootylicious types.

not much else happened today. I was in a bad mood, probably because of the dress (it's really cute!), so I didn't get anything done. I watched a bunch of Friends episodes and some Breaking Bad, and had more oreos...I see a trend here.

I did change it up a little though. the oreos were double-stuff. deeeee-licious!

anyways, it's late, and there's more Friends on.
here's the outfit with the dress I can't wear anymore. shoot.

I don't think the dress is too short in front...but the under-layer rolls up more in the back. anyways. it's from modcloth.
long cardigan is kersh from envy.
yellow tights from charlotte russe.
super old boots from sears.

maybe I'll get the dress in a bigger size. I wonder if anyone will want this one even with my amateur sewing jobs.


all the girls pose the same for pictures..

wednesday already?! time flies when you're... doing nothing but watch awesome tv shows all day long.

Brando and I have been doing a lot of Breaking Bad watching.
man, I love that show! have you seen it? cause you should. it's amazing. Bryan Cranston won the best actor  emmy for it, yessir. the acting is superb.
the show is original, unpredictable, entertaining... I really want to write a review for it right now, but I don't really see the point. other than, of course, to practice for the rolling stone, which should be knocking down my door any day now.

speaking of which, I FINALLY got my first one in the mail today, and guess who's on the cover? Megan Fox. oh geeeez. but, whatever, she's pretty badass I guess. or, after reading her interview, pretty nuts. I mean, "I didn't always have a special vagina"? who says that? the girl is too outrageous and male-suited to be real.
you ever feel that way? when you hear some girls talk about things they do and like... and part of you wants to roll your eyes cause you suspect they're too much of a male fantasy to be totally serious. but I don't know. maybe there are girls who think dressing skimpily is empowering and that men are puppies who follow them around. I just haven't met any, personally.
maybe I'm just jealous. I was thinking about it today, and a lot of girls who call other girls "slutty" or "trampy" or "degrading to women" or whatever just feel uncomfortable about the control those types have over men. I'm guilty of it too, but I try to acknowledge when I'm genuinely offended by someone's behaviour and when I'm just jealous that no one cares that much about what I look like. I mean, everyone likes to be complimented on their looks, right? for the most part... and I think sometimes the more conservative girls resort to calling girls "slutty" who get all the attention for being "sexy." I'm not saying it's appropriate for chicks to go around with their boobs falling out and their skirts closely resembling belts- not cool. if that's "sexy," you can keep it. but if I'm irritated by Megan Fox because people are obsessed with her appearance, that's probably more about me than her.
that being said, when someone with no talent gets by because they're willing to wear skimpy outfits, I think I have a right to criticize, haha.

anyways. that's my insight for the day, inspired by rolling stone magazine.
see, it can be a deep read!

and from a lack of clothes to completely covered, here's me today:

I was feeling very french today, with the hat and the stripes. hence the attempt at a french attitude in the picture.
you can't tell, but the fabulous, soft, royal blue hat has a bow on it. from h&m.
the top is forever21.
pants, delias. they're probably the comfiest pants I own.
black lacey shoes, primark.

I'm no Megan Fox, but hey, I bet SHE doesn't have this hat.
so there.


long road to ruin

I forgot to post yesterday!
I'm sure the internet was worried sick.

but, I do have a photo. no worries.

but first, I thought I'd pay homage to one of my favourite style icons- Rachel Bilson!

I mostly fell in love with her OC wardrobe, but her personal style is just as awesome. I was looking for pictures of her outfits, but there were so many good ones I had trouble picking! all her outfits are so laid-back and cool. and she's just so darn CUTE. she hasn't been doing much lately that I know of, but I can only assume she still has a great sense of style.

this is my fave. I'm totally in love with my own leather jacket. she's paired it with a cute dress and tights, which are obviously staples in my wardrobe as well. and look at the cute buckled shoes!

comfy cute! her shirt has bunnies on it! how much do I love bunnies? a lot. I had one for a while, but I wasn't a good bunny mom and she died. I'm dealing with it.
anyways. she's caching in on her trademark skinny jeans and big glasses, more of my favourites. and Adam Brody is pretty much the best accessory ever...

smokin'. this is an awesome dress. I don't have much else to say about it! gorgeous.

couldn't resist this adorable pic of her walking her dog. I love the bow-tie blouse and skinny belt, and the heels are awesomeee. even walking the dog she looks fabulous.

my style is totally inspired by Rachel's. sometimes when I'm picking out an outfit, I picture it on her to see if I like it. or Anne Hathaway. maybe I'll talk about her later... anyways, Rachel Bilson. awesome clothes. if you ever need some California-cool inspiration in your wardrobe, watch the OC.
I really hope she lands a good movie role or something soon, because I really loved her as Summer and I don't want her to be one of those one-hit actresses. but that's neither here nor there.

HERE are two days worth of outfit photos. :o) aren't you lucky.

I loooove this modcloth dress. it was my first time wearing it, because it's wool, and it has been far too warm so far to wear wool. but yesterday I risked it, and what do ya know, it was hot. of course.
but, I still like it. brown tights from smart set (a present from my sis).
and my awesome yellow boots (that don't look so yellow in this light) are from - where else! - spring.

these are the earrings I wore yesterday, and today. yesterday I wore the turtles- I got them from an African lady at a booth at mun. they're supposed to bring wisdom. 
the butterflies I wore today are from buenostyle...I think they're from the '20s or something.
I didn't realize how alike these earrings were.

last one, I swear!
I still can't figure out why my pictures keep uploading burry..
this is one of my favourite dresses because it is a) red, and b)flattering. on everyone who wears it. you can't see the detail really, but the top has kind of like a peasant top ruching thing going on. it's Lush, from envy.
the vest is from charlotte russe.
black leggings, stolen from a friend (I'm cheap).
and aldo gladiator-esque sandals.

now, I think I've rambled/photo-d on long enough. see you tomorrow!

goodnight & go

I just got back from watching District 9, and man, that's one crazy movie.
I think I liked it.
it reminds me of when I was younger, and I used to really like watching war flicks. I started watching them with my dad, and even though they were gory and vulgar and sad, I thought they generally told really great stories. District 9 was like that. I was literally so on edge that my stomach started to hurt. it was so stressful, I mean, so much was happening, and you were always afraid of the next terrible thing. it freaked me out!
but... it was pretty captivating, I must admit. and whoever wrote it was a genius, cause I could never come up with that. and certain aspects I thought were very realistic, which is always admirable in art. and no, not realistic because I believe aliens will someday land in Africa (although I prefer to believe they exist), but the lead character behaved the way I think a lot of people would in the situation... selfishly at times, compassionate at others.
anyways, without spelling out the whole plot, I think it's a very interesting film.
and I miss doing movie reviews.
I'm telling ya, this whole "hard news" thing is so not for me. I need some arts section back in my life.
don't know what you got till it's gone, right Cinderella?
oh my gosh, I totally just looked up that song on youtube and the band is singing next to a lake and being filmed with sweeping overhead shots.
I love the '80s.

that's it for sunday!

ugh. this picture is awful. I really need to stop taking these at night.
quite the colourful outfit, hey?
I'm not sure I like it that much now. oh well. I said every day, so every day it is!
the dress is from smart set. it's actually one of the first dresses that started my wear-dresses-everyday phase.
the coat is vero moda from pseudio.
tights are from costa blanca, and I really love them..unfortunately this is only my second time wearing them and they already have a hole. :o(
and my charlotte russe boots again.

this is my necklace.
another brilliant purchase from buenostyle.
I saw this one in lou lou magazine and wanted it for a long time.
now it is mineee!

these photos are much clearer on my computer... I wonder if it's an uploading thing. must try to fix that.

anywho, night all!

all dressed up and no place to go...

I finally got dressed...

it's cold out, so it was a pants day.
jeans are aeropostale- my first pair from there, and I vow to never buy jeans anywhere else again. they fit so well.
pair of charlotte russe boots #2!
the top is charlotte russe too. I thought it looked very Marissa Cooper. the middle layers are lacey.
long sleeve tee from primark.
scarf from le chateau.
and a cute new bow headband from a place in the mall called splurge. very great store, but unfortunately appropriately named.

but there wasn't much point. there's nothing to do. there are no good movies playing, except an hour-long bus ride away. and everything except restaurants and bars closes early. arg. I wanted to go out.

oh well. we went to the Seahorse Tavern last night, and it was actually really cool. saw a band called the Superfantastics, and I really like them. that's one band in Halifax I know! so the weekend's not a total bust.

I'm gonna go eat more oreos and watch the OC.
cheers! <3

hey uptown girl, can you hear this downtown song?

I REALLY want this:
I promised myself no shopping...especially at modcloth (oh customs, how you hurt my feelings). but it has BUNNIES! and a BOW! oh my goodness.
it's a kenzie girl cardigan though, so maybe it's at envy. only $33 too! here's hoping.

I haven't read vogue in a while, so I went to the website the other day. Michelle Williams is on the latest cover! I think she is so cute. she's such a respectable actress, and is just so graceful. I think her style is fabulous too.


she is always so relaxed, retro, and classy. and she makes it look effortless. being gorgeous doesn't hurt, I'm sure.
I thought I would show my appreciation.

it's a saturday afternoon so I haven't bothered getting dressed yet. maybe Michelle will inspire me. :o)

you see how they're beautiful, and that's how I feel about you

why hello, friday! nice to finally see you again feels like it's been forever. feels good to sit around, watch tv, and eat oreos. mmm. ...I think I may actually go out tonight! there was a pizza-and-booze party after class, and some people are going to a show later, and I think I sorta said I'd go. should be fun. at least I'll make an appearance and make sure people don't think I'm actually a hermit. I'll let you know how it goes. but right now I'm pretty lazy, so let's just get to the point, shall we?!

featuring my new vintage purchase, and my fabulous charlotte russe boots!
the belt is vintage too...
and the hat is a beret right off the streets of Paris.
bag, costa blanca.
burgundy tights (that I am convinced go with everything), joe fresh.

now I'm off to watch Say Yes to the Dress. *blush*
catch ya later!

steal my kisses

another long day at school. I really should be working on an assignment that's due at 9AM tomorrow, butttt this is more fun.

today I got my long-awaited package from charlotte russe! I got so much great stuff. I love ordering stuff online because you get it a couple weeks later, and it's like shopping all over again without spending any money.
...I have a sickness.

anyways, I think I'm wearing the fabulous boots tomorrow, so you'll get to see them in the picture.
speaking of which...

it was dark by the time I got out of class..again... I'm having to improvise photos cause my apartment's pretty small for photo shoots and my camera's not that great at night. anyways.
I actually threw this together in a rush this morning because I slept in. 
the dress is from envy. it's pretty simple, except for the ruffles, but once you put it on, it feels perfect. 
I love the buttons on the old navy cardigan (featured below!)
the purple boots are from spring.
but my favourite part is kinda the tights! see...

                                         they're polka-dotted. <3
I thought today, in honour of my charlotte russe excitement, I would list my favourite places to shop. I like when other bloggers do this cause I get a lot of good ideas. this is my way of contributing. :o)

1. modcloth: this was probably obvious already. I discovered modcloth through the brilliance of facebook ads (I swear, sometimes those things are so eerily personality accurate...) and became quickly enamoured. and I love that they add vintage items everyday. (I actually snagged one last week!) unfortunately I've been forced to give up my favourite because customs started charging me a mint.
2. h&m: really this should be tied for number one, but it's getting a little common for my tastes, haha. I liked it better when a everyone I knew didn't shop there. but it still has awesome clothes at good prices.
3. forever21: this is kind of an old favourite. our relationship has been rocky lately...there aren't a lot of
"gotta-have-its" or "OMGloveitsomuches." but there's still the occasional great find, and the shipping is either super cheap or free (ordering online, of course. I've never been to the actual store).
4. primark: my favourite English disovery! as far as I know they're only in the UK, but if I were to be proven wrong I'd be very happy. super cute, super cheap- I often buy in bulk. I have a lot of shoes from there.
5. topshop: my hope is that they will someday ship to Canada. sigh. I love virtually everything in this store, especially in the huge, multi-floor stores in London that have an entire level devoted to retro and vintage inspired dresses. it ain't cheap, though.
6. charlotte russe: newly discovered par moi. I have this problem where I love a million things on the website... which is why the package I got in the mail today was so large. the prices are reeeeally good- I didn't get anything over $25 last time- and shipping isn't that bad. it's so tempting I had my boyfriend block the site from my computer. 'nuff said.
7. buenostyle: I mentioned this last post. gorgeous, original jewellery. it's not cheap, but the shipping is, and it's totally worth it.
8. twisted sisters: I left this one back in St. John's. their clothes are kind of expensive, but I love every piece of jewellery in there.

okay, there's a lot more. I really like urban outfitters, and envy, and model citizens (SJ), and etsy has a lot of vintage sellers. but I'm running out of time, and probably space, so top 8 will do.
better get to that assignment...

self-pity gets a breath of fresh air

I was right! wednesday was much better.

evidently I did not have class this morning, so I caught up on some school work and stuffed myself with leftover chinese.
but that's not the part that you want to hear about...

I also spent my rare free time thrift shopping on spring garden road. :o)
I'm trying to get some vintage cred, here.
and I found some great stuff, too. but I behaved myself and only bought one thing. self-control is such hard work.
this is what I got!
I love the pink buttons and the little bit of pink tulle at the bottom. it's so '50s farm girl or something. I am very pleased. I'm also considering going back tomorrow to get this cute little red dress with satin trim...I'm trying really hard to resist. 
okay, so it was kind of a lax day on the fashion front, but I do love these clothes. I went cas.. (that was supposed to be short for casual...I guess it doesn't translate well to type)
clock v-neck was a fabulous present, from urban outfitters.
black h&m skinnies that actually fit me- I find it hard to get pants I think look good on me. but these are perfect.
and chucks #2- pink!
this is the necklace I'm wearing; it's my favourite piece from one of my favourite shops, buenostyle on etsy. the designer makes amazing jewellery with vintage pieces. they're often one-of-a-kind. I adore this one because it's an envelope locket; perfect for a lover of literature like myself.
plenty of pictures today, and less of me talking. maybe this is the best way to appeal to an audience...
I'll become more interesting and clever when school work doesn't eat my soul, I swear. 
peace out.

maybe we'll find better days

tuesday continued to go not-so-well, but I did get an outfit picture.

(as you can tell, my camera's not so great indoors. I need a new, fancy-shmancy one)
I love this tulip skirt from final touch. tulip skirts are my fave. and this one's such a great colour!
grey tights- I'm obsessed with tights. I hate having bare legs.
today's outfit features beloved chucks #1- navy. 
the top is h&m- below is a close-up of the pattern, cause you can't really tell with the lighting.
 (also featured in photo; the best band ever.)

I didn't overly enjoy the day, but I still like my skirt. 
and the delicious chinese food we ordered in. mmm.
tomorrow will be better, I can feel it!

smile like you mean it

I'm glad it's raining in Halifax for once. it suits my mood.

today is not going well.

this is the part where I miss my livejournal for the function "friends only" which means you can bitch about whatever/whoever you want and only people you choose will see it.
unfortunately, whatever I write her is for all to see, despite (see Sue, I said despite) the fact that hardly anyone knows it exists. you never know who might come across it.

so let me just say that I have been busting my ass for nothing and I've come home early to drown my sorrows. the rainy walk home made it easy.

I thought as the weeks went by I'd like Halifax more, but I think it's getting worse. or maybe it's just that school is getting worse, I don't know. it seems like a pretty cool town, but it's missing some key happiness factors.

one, I have no idea what's going on here. I was told early on that you have to be "in the know" to get the low down on anything that's going on in this town, and I am most definitely not in the know. I couldn't find a good downtown show to save my life. I got lucky when Amelia Curran came here cause I knew who she was, but she's from Newfoundland. I don't even like going out THAT much, but it would be nice to have the option.

two, I have no friends. this should really be number one, but I'm so sick of sulking about it that it doesn't seem that important anymore. I thought making friends would be easy in a class where you spend all day with the same 25 people, but noooo. everyone seems to have gone ahead and done that without me. no one seems remotely interested in talking to me, let alone seeing me outside of class.
I know I sound like a child- "wahhhh no one likes meeee"- but it's how I feel. I didn't think it would be this hard.

three, SCHOOL SUCKS. all that crap about "at least now I'm focusing on something I like" was an illusion. I like to write. I am doing very very little of that. and we literally get an assignment every class, everyday. I'm not trying to be whiny, most of them don't take long, and it's a short program- they have to fit a lot in. but seriously, I need to eat. and sleep. and I would not go into television journalism if someone held a gun to my head, so why do I need to do that?
well rounded...grades don't matter here...need to know everything to survive..blah blah blah. give me a degree so I can get a job.

I can't think of more than three right now but those are big ones.

I know, I know. I'm complaining. I told you, it's been a bad day.
I'm going to cheer myself up with some hypothetical retail therapy and mindless fashion magazines and return with a more style-oriented post.

till then.

monday monday monday

holla, internetz.

I love the Tegan and Sara song, but I don't really like mondays.

I would tell you about my day, but it was pretty boring. my life pretty much just consists of school right now. it's painfully busy. I'm working on this tv assignment/story for broadcasting class, and I haaaaate it. I always knew I would never do tv journalism, and this project has given me even more reasons why. I'm not sure how much I should disclose on a blog, but let's just say it's not the greatest experience I've ever had.

anyways. I thought that since I'm going to be talking about my so-called style on this thing you (and by you, I mean cyberspace) might need to be a little informed about what it is. so today I've got a little style profile...well, style points about myself, really. it's probably only interesting to me, but at least anyone reading will know early on whether they think I'm a tard or not.

1. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. this is my fashion motto. no matter how many fashionistas and magazines try to convince me otherwise, if it has the word "shirt" in the name then don't wear it with leggings. to me, they're just a step up from tights, and you wouldn't wear a t-shirt with just tights, would you?! no one wants to see your bisnatch, so put it in some pants.

2. I am in love with two types of footwear; chuck taylors and boots. the chuck love affair has been going on much longer, but recently I've decided boots make everything look good, especially with the skinny jeans phase. I have far too many pairs of both.

3. I hardly ever wear pants. that doesn't mean I only wear leggings. I am dress obsessed. I feel so much more stylish in them, and more comfortable. there was a time when I'd say I was most comfortable in a good pair of jeans, but no longer. I never feel fat in a dress, and I also never have to worry about my butt crack showing when I sit down.

 4. I sometimes put up with bad plot lines to see the characters' outfits. I love to watch the Sex and the City movie, The Devil Wears Prada, and Confessions of a Shopaholic just to see the clothes. it just so happens that I think two out of three of those are pretty good movies overall, but the point stands. I tried it with Gossip Girl once, but the melodrama could not be overlooked.

5. if I could raid the closet of anyone in the world, it would be Summer Roberts from the OC. yes, yes, she's fictional. but after season one she looks so darn hot all the time!

6. I have this weird ocd thing where I must have approximately the same number of clothing items in all colours. like, sometimes I'll go shopping and just happen to get two green things. that throws off the closet colour balance. therefore, next time I go shopping I must be careful to get things that are the opposite of green, like pink or red.
I know. it's the only little bit of ocd I contracted from my mother.

7. admittedly, I haven't had as much opportunity to shop vintage as an aspiring fashion blogger should. there aren't many good vintage stores in Newfoundland, and I haven't done much shopping since moving to Halifax. so if you notice I'm not as "original" as I ought to be, that's why. but I do have a few amazing pieces that I'm pretty proud of.

8. I'm also proud of my jewellery collection, because I think I've found some really awesome stuff at a bunch of different places. I only wear one piece at a time to accentuate its awesomeness- necklace or earrings. I never wear bracelets. not sure why, I just never buy them. I think a necklace can make or break an outfit.

9. I have a million scarves from all over the world. no one ever gives me scarves as presents because they think I have too many, but I mean... I have so many because I love them!

10. I thought ten was a nice number to go with. last one;
when it comes to personal style, I think you can pull off anything you believe you can pull off. I don't like when people limit themselves or don't buy something they like because "it's not me" or "I can't pull it off." confidence, Cohen!..err, people! wear what you love and you'll always look good.

kay so those are my fashion rules! of course I never try to enforce them on anyone else (except the leggings one) because I love when people dress in different ways. if we all looked the same, fashion wouldn't be fun!

that was from my after-school special on non-conformity.
and here's today's outfit.

I figured I'd try and start the week off on the right foot by wearing my favourite new dress from modcloth. (two modcloth dresses in a row, oops! more variety, Sarah...) I love the apron-style skirt and the cute floral pattern.
 the ruffled cardigan is from forever 21, and the boots are from spring. 

these are the earrings- well, one of them. I thought it deserved a close-up. it's a hand-carved crocodile I bought on a humanitarian trip to Africa. I love how this one's tail is curved and the other one's isn't. 
I felt pretty good facing monday.

that's it from me, folks.
I'm out. <3

the beginning

hello there, blogger universe. nice to meet you.
I'm Sarah, and I'm a new blogger. :o)

well, sort of. I used to be obsessed with my livejournal in high school and was thinking about resurrecting it, but I thought blogspot was the way of the future. plus, I couldn't remember how to work lj.

I got the idea in my head to start a fashion blog (as ridiculously dorky as that sounds) not because I think I know more about fashion or have better style than most people, but because I'm addicted to shopping and clothes in general and I'm running out of money. so I thought the best way to quell my addiction was to start writing about clothes I have or like or want and that way I can still pay rent.

I thought that made the blog name appropriate; it's my favourite chilli peppers lyric, and it kind of applies to the theme since I have a sea of clothing in my room. har har, aren't I clever.

but I'm not just going to blather on about clothes on this thing. it'll probably just be me rambling about whatever thoughts are zipping around in my head that particular day and then posting a pic of what I'm wearing while I contemplate, haha. everyone likes to hear (or read) themselves talk at some point.

so, I guess this is day one! yay. I should probably start with some general information, like how I just moved to Halifax with my boyfriend (hi Brandon!) and I'm a journalism student at university of king's college. I want to be a writer. I'm really lame, so my inspirations are Carrie Bradshaw, the kid from Almost Famous, and Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. I want to work for vogue or the rolling stone. dream big, right? some might say that's shallow journalism, but hey, write what you like.

style icons? Rachel Bilson (also a shameless OC fan), Zooey Dechanel, Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. I'll never be as hot as any of them though.

what else... oh, I'm an english major, so if you can't tell already, I tend to be a bit wordy. it also makes me a bit of an artsy-fartsy. at least, I try to be. I'm not as indie as I'd like, but I have friends who are, haha.

I think that's enough for day one.
here's me today!

it's rainy here today, because Halifax only has bad weather on the weekends. it's sunday, so I'm wearing church-appropriate garb. the jacket is from primark, the dress from modcloth, and the shoes are joe fresh from dominion. I went to starbucks later and the coffee girl said she liked my dress :o), so I think it's a decent outfit.
...hopefully I'll get better at the fashion blogging as I get further along.

that's it!
here's to a new week, and a new hobby.