hidy-ho, bloggerinos!

long time no see. a lot has happened since my last blog post; vacations, a new apartment, my birthday, several haircuts. the usual. I’m sure I’ll enjoy bombarding you with all of it in the weeks to come. 
I wasn’t really expecting to take such a long break from my blog. it just sort of… happened. I fell behind, then the task of updating grew more and more daunting, and before long I realized my life was just as enjoyable sans internet documentation. 
I KNOW. can you believe it?

I guess I’m at another one of those crossroads in my life where I reevaluate how I spend my time. I love blogging, but sometimes it seems that the time I put into a post could be better used for other things. I won’t really get into it. recently I’ve read things from bloggers like Indiana and Elizabeth and I really feel that I identify with their reasons for cutting back on time spent in the digital world. I’m not saying I don’t want to do it anymore, I’m just saying I’m not going to force myself to stick to some arbitrary blogging schedule or guidelines. 

I could always bore you with a long explanation of my impromptu hiatus, listing excuses and claiming real-life productivity. but I thought I’d rather just skip all that and pretend it never happened. from now on this thing may be less consistent, but hey, life isn’t consistent! you can always follow me on Instagram for more brief, real-time updates on my ordinary adventures. (you really should! Instagram is fun!)

thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet, and thanks for sticking with me! happy living to you all!

mad for plaid & other tales

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well, February certainly came in like a lion!
I know that's not the saying, but it works here. the end of January was uncharacteristically hustle-and-bustle-y; live music and board game nights and basketball games. lots of frantic fun! and the weather certainly has been weathering.
...oh god am I 45?

sometimes I feel like I am. and what's the best way to combat feeling old? dress like you're in junior high school! with preppy plaid and lace-up booties.

man, I am the BEST at segues! 

dress- Modcloth // shirt- American Apparel // tights- Joe Fresh // boots- Chelsea Crew via Modcloth

you guys, plaid is my favourite thing. like, not just my favourite pattern; I think it may be my favourite thing, ever. right up there with Netflix and gluten. 

I got two new plaid dresses recently and I still look at my closet and think "there needs to be more tartan in here." 

thankfully this dress I received for Christmas is just about the most positively prepossessing presentation of plaid perfection you could possibly picture! I love the shades of burgundy and navy, and the cute details like cut-outs and black trim. I think it gives it a little modern edge, especially when you pair it with sultry makeup and leopard-print tights. take that, 12-year-olds!


I call this last photo "Pensive Precaution" or, "February, Don't Go Breakin' My Heart."

cause let's face it, February is no picnic. Valentine's Day? please. that's not a real holiday. it's just cold, boring, February. which is why it's the best month to plan a vacation! 

that's right, I'm finally going to Florida. Miami, Palm trees, Disney World, sunshine, and all that good stuff. I'm not one to wish time away, but I cannot wait. you guys, I'm gonna meet Mickey Mouse. and ride in the little tea cups. and lie on the beach. all in dumb ol' February!

it may have come in like a lion, it's going out like a sweet little lamb. :D